The Organic Kid Catwalk Contest – $123 Store Credit Prize!

The Organic Kid Catwalk Contest 2016! – $123 Store Credit Prize For The Winning Video Entry!

Organic Kid Catwalk 2016 Contest - Sample/Example Photo

It’s time for another fun contest for you and your mini me(s)! Capture your kid(s) on video going down their own creative representation of The Organic Kid Catwalk runway. Dressed wearing our line of natural/organic clothing and/or showing off one of our choices of natural/organic toys, give your kids a chance to shine! The more creativity and genuine fun you display in your video, the better your chances of winning! Also, there is no age limit. Babies are welcome to participate with parental aid. 🙂

Here’s How To Officially Enter The Contest:

  • Use The 10% Off Orders $25+ Coupon Code For Your Order of Products For The Catwalk Contest. The code is:  OnTheOrganicKidCatwalk2016

    • The use of the coupon code will validate your entry into the contest!
    • It will also help you save on your entire order, including every other product you choose to purchase!
    • Each user may only use this coupon code one time, so be sure to get everything you need when you use the code.
  • Dress your Mini Me up in Organic Mini Me Clothing, and/or sporting one of Organic Mini Me’s Toys.

    • You may purchase & use as many Organic Mini Me clothing items or toys as you desire; you only need one for your valid entry.
  • Create a VIDEO of your mini me(s) strutting their way down The Organic Kid Catwalk.

    • Each video should be between 1 – 5 minutes long.
    • Your video must include either spoken or in writing, “The Organic Kid Catwalk 2016 by”
  • Post/Share your Video!

    • Post on the Organic Mini Me FaceBook Page wall, in the comments below in this BLOG (as a link to the video on YouTube), and/or SHARE a link on your social network of choice (FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram) to your video contest entry.
    • Be sure to TAG Organic Mini Me in your posts! @organicminime
    • Also, include a clear description of “The Organic Kid Catwalk 2016 by Contest Entry” in any Video Title or Caption.
    • TIP: Videos posted on YouTube and shared through your social media networks tend to get the most attention.

What Is The Deadline For Contest Entries? — When Does The Judging Begin?

  • There is no official deadline for the contest entries. We understand it takes time to order products for your entry, as well as create and post your videos.
  • Date/Time To Be Announced will be provided for a Last Call for Video Entries, once we have received between 15-20 Confirmed Video Entries!
  • After Contest Entry time closes, Organic Mini Me will begin judging the entries, narrowing the entries down to the Top 10!
    • Video Editing may be taken into account in judging the initial entries, so be as creative as possible!
  • The Top 10 Videos chosen by Organic Mini Me will be Featured on the Organic Mini Me Blog for a Final Round of Judging. This will consist of friends & family voting through social media and Organic Mini Me visitors casting votes.
  • VOTES:
    • The more FaceBook “Likes,” Twitter “ReTweets,” Instagram “Hearts,” and YouTube “Likes” you get, the higher your video entry will score for the initial Organic Mini Me judging, as well as the online audience judging.

Finally, just have fun! As a result, you may end up winning prize store credit that will allow you to have even MORE fun. 🙂


A Free Gift Lullaby MP3 For Organic Mini Me Customers!

Celebrating Organic Mini Me’s Launch With A Free Gift!

Hello, everyone! You are now listening to your free gift lullaby mp3! Find your free gift link below to download!

The launch of Organic Mini Me has been a great success these past few days after opening! Thank you again to all of the customers who have “liked” Organic Mini Me on FaceBook! If you have started browsing the store to find all of your natural/organic needs, I am excited for you! My family has received some items from the store as well! It was the very first order at Organic Mini Me! After receiving the order within 2 days, we are making great use of the products:

Organic Mini Me - First Order! - On Free Gift MP3 Page

The Mrs. Meyer’s Honeysuckle-Fragranced Hand Soap (made with Olive Oil & Aloe Vera), Multi-Surface Cleaner, and Cranberry Fragrance Soy Candle have brought some amazing, natural scents into our home that we are enjoying! Our son is making great use of the ThinkBaby SPF 50+ Sunscreen as well as Lafe’s Baby Insect Repellent, especially. He LOVES being outside playing as much as possible.

A Unique Gift Only Offered at Organic Mini Me

Thank you again to those who have shown enthusiastic support during the launch of Organic Mini Me on July 22, 2016! As owner of Organic Mini Me, It is my desire to show appreciation to my customers by giving away a special gift that no other store has the ability to give. The babies/kids at Organic Mini Me will love the gift of uniquely written, modern lullabies that I have created specifically for them!

Why Are We Giving Away Music As A Gift?

Music has been & continues to be a huge part of my life. Teaching music to children, Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12, is a huge blessing that I’ve had the pleasure of doing. In addition to being owner of Organic Mini Me, I serve a number of roles related to my passion for music. I am a songwriter, music teacher, musician, singer, music producer/composer, poet, and a music studio owner. Also, I serve as a traveling Christian praise & worship leader / music minister. I have a vision to use every God-given gift/talent I have to enrich the lives of others. In addition to offering you natural/organic products for Kids, I believe the Free Lullabies will creatively enhance your lives as well!

Here is your first FREE Lullaby, called “A Lullaby For Mommy & Baby Boy,” that I wrote last year for my wife’s birthday, for her & our son, July 23rd. Our son David has loved the relaxing and comforting sound of the lullaby. I hope your mini me does, too!

If you want to save the MP3 on your own device:

Right click the link below and save to a location of your choice!

Download “A Lullaby For Mommy & Baby Boy” MP3 Here!

Have a blessed week!


Welcome To Organic Mini Me! – Organic StuFF 4 kIDs!

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to

Organic Mini Me!Welcome To Organic Mini Me --- Organic & Natural Products For Your Little Ones

Your Source for Organic Baby Products and All Things Natural & Organic for Parents & Kids

It is our goal to offer you New Products, New Sales, and a Variety of Products to suit our customers’ Natural/Organic Needs! Our customers are welcome to give feedback / suggestions. Each and every one of our customers is important to us! Our vision is:

  •       To create an environment to find the absolute best products for us and our children.
  •       To build a community where we may grow and learn together as parents & teachers.

Our blogs are created to:

  •       Reveal new products/sales.
  •       Share educational & fun ideas / activities / resources.
  •       As well as to encourage interaction between us as a community!

A Community That Needs You & Your Mini Me!

No matter how wise we may become as a parent and teacher, we can always learn something new from each other!  We become even better, highly-effective parents, teachers, and individuals in general, when we grow together. Maybe you are not a biological parent, but you may act as a parental figure in the lives of children. I believe there is so very much we may learn from each other, especially outside of our own cultural upbringings. Therefore, we should share our experiences while we humbly listen and learn from others as well. Everyone who desires the very best for their kids gains insight that may help another person.

Meet My Family!

From Left To Right in the picture above is: Me, My Son David, & My Wife Jessie, and we have another Baby on the way, due in January 2017! We as a family once again welcome you to Organic Mini Me and look forward to serving you through Organic Mini Me! We certainly have a wonderfully exciting journey together ahead!

Lastly, I want to share one thing I have learned from my own parents growing up. As much as it may not have applied to me then, as a parent now, these words have become a motto to live by:

“Train up a child in the way they should go. When they are old, they will not depart from it.”                        – Proverbs 22:6

These words of wisdom can be applied to multiple areas of a child’s life where we may serve as an example. We are the most important examples in the lives of our children. By taking good care of you and your kids, they will learn, as we have learned, to take the best care of themselves! As a family-owned business, we at Organic Mini Me are excited in joining your efforts to be great parents by using products that enhance our lives every day! Comment below, and we look forward to hearing from you!

God Bless!


Owner, Organic Mini Me